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Mobile team deployment immediately after we receive your call for crime scene cleanup, trauma cleaning, death clean up, blood, or suicide cleanup.



Our team realise this is a traumatic time for all involved, and our team are to help you get your life and property back to normal.

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Tasmanian Hoarder Cleanup Experts

Whether there is an excessive collection of newspapers, magazines, paper documentation, food or animal waste, The team at Specialist Cleaners have specialists that can help you start fresh again in your own home and environment.

When cleaning, the Specialist Cleaners fully understand the the issues in  trying to retain all the the important items that are sentimentally and financially valuable to you.

They always endeavour to help you find the balance and be happy, comfortable, and hygienically safe  in your home and reach a point that you would be excited to entertain visitors, instead of being discouraged in doing so.

Tasmanian Bio-Hazard Cleanup Experts

Specialist Cleaners employs Bio-Hazardous Cleanup Experts and ensures that only the best trauma and crime scene cleanup services are offered to Tasmanian clients.

Blood, body fluids, and harmful chemicals have various levels of toxicity. These are cleaned in accordance with strict regulations and are disposed of responsibly.

Our team are experienced in handling blood cleanup, death and suicide cleanup, vehicle blood cleanup, homicide cleanup, industrial accident cleaning, and all other kinds of biohazard removal requirements.

The knowledge and continual training acquired by the staff is your guarantee that we are qualified and are the best in Tasmania when it comes to statewide biohazard cleaning services.


Our certified Tasmanian team of trauma cleanup professionals can provide you with meticulous and effective crime scene clean up services after a death, suicide, homicide, crime or accident, as well as blood cleaning, hoarding cleanups, meth lab sanitation, and any other type of biohazard cleanup and removal. We offer our professional residential, commercial, public location and vehicle restoration services throughout Tasmania Australia.

We are ready to respond – day or night, rain or shine and anytime in between. 

Crime Scene Cleaning

Our team can clean everything from fingerprint dust to blood and bodily fluids, which are left behind at a crime scene.

Suicide & Death Cleanup Services

After the sirens fade, you’re the one left with the chaos, the pain and the mess. Our team are trained to use compassion and discretion when cleaning.

Blood Cleanup

Communicable diseases can be spread from an injury resulting in the loss of blood / bodily fluids & requires immediate attention

Meth Laboratory Cleanup

We specialise in statewide meth lab cleanup and drug house decontamination services.

Hoarding Cleanup Specialists

Our team have been helping families recover homes from the results of hoarding and cleaning neglect for over a decade.

Vehicle Blood Cleanup

Many car insurance policies cover the cost of remediation so business owners and car owners can get help with the financial impact of a major blood spill or a suicide in a car.


Specialist Cleaners offers professional crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, blood cleaning, and unattended death cleanup to property managers, homeowners, businesses, military/government and housing authorities. Our specialist cleaning services are typically referred by Tasmanian law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and other cleaning companies.

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A Tasmanian Family Owned Cleaning Company Servicing All Of The State Of Tasmania


Recently we as a family were left with a very messy unit full of hoarded material, clothes & chattels that needed to be removed and then rooms/surfaces cleaned. In our time of loss it was not a duty we thought we could contemplate except for a minor amount of very personal items & papers. Following an on line search Specialist Cleaners were found and what they achieved during a day’s work was incredible. They turned an absolute mess into a clean liveable space. We cannot thank Petr, Odessa & their crew of personnel enough! We as a family would recommend Specialist Cleaners for any of their advertised works, not only for the result, but also for their absolute professionalism.

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