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I was very impressed with your service and the team at Specialist Cleaners. The things that impressed me were:-

  • your respect for Jack and his home
  • your willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ for him
  • your willingness to work within a very short time frame to transform his environment
  • your genuine concern for Jack and his welfare

It’s remarkable the difference you have all made in such a short space of time.

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Hoarding Risks To You & Your Family…

There are inherent dangers and risks associated with hoarding and living in an environment that has accumulated a large number of possessions.

Below are just a few of the dangers, which put your family, friends, neighbours, yourself and others at risk:


  • Fire – The more your home has accumulated goods the greater risk you are susceptible to a fire. If a small fire were to start, your piles of possessions quickly act as fuel for the fire, and rapidly increases the fire’s strength. There are a large number of deaths that have been caused from a fire starting in a home with no escape route due the clutter of hoarded materials
  • Entrance Accessibility – If an emergency were to happen in your home, could you escape? Tasmanian law requires every room to have more than one escape route and/or access. If yours is covered by piles of belongings it could mean you have a diminished chance of getting out of your home if a disaster were to happen. Firefighters now undertake specialised training courses due to the increased risk of fighting a fire that has developed in a hoarding home or environment. Fire fighters have requested that if homes have a hoarding environment, they notify them before a fire so they are fully aware in a time of emergency. This is another attempt to help lessen the dangers of hoarding.
  • Emergencies – Heart attacks, chest pains, breathing problems and deep cuts are some of the most common scenarios to request an ambulance. Any of these health emergencies can take a change for the worst in a matter of seconds, that is why the faster the emergency assistance can get to you, the better. Hoarding within a home complicates situations that would normally take a couple seconds to potentially a longer process in administrating care. In every emergency situation every second counts.
  • Indoor Air Pollution – There are greater risks that can’t be seen within a hoarding environment, The invisible dangers of clutter and hoarding include an increased level of air impurities such as
    • Mold
    • Mildew
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Radon
    • Pollen
    • Dander
    • Cigarette Smoke
    • all which can develop into health complications.
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Hoarding Cleanup Specialists

Home hoarding disorder can be characterised by the storing of an insurmountable number of belongings, personal effects, and other items inside the living space.

People afflicted by this common disorder are usually overwhelmed by the thought of sorting through all of their possessions in an effort to restore their lives and their home. If you are in a scenario whereby  a hoarding disorder is affecting a residential (or commercial) property you are responsible for – call our specialised hoarding cleanup team.

The team at Specialist Cleaners are dedicated in offering their hoarding cleaning services throughout Tasmania, including Burnie, Devonport and Launceston. The Specialist Cleaners team are experienced and efficient, and want to ensure sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Specialist Cleaners are not just a Tasmanian cleaning company, they have specific resources and specialised training designed to help those individuals and families affected by a hoarding disorder.

Hoarding Clean Up

The first priority for a home in need of clutter cleaning and hoarding is safety.

The team at Specialist Cleaners have seen many Tasmanian homes that have experienced the same, if not worse conditions you might be facing, and we have fully restored them. The team take their time when doing the clutter and hoarding clean up, organising and sanitising as they go. The whole hoading cleaning process is something that uplifts you and your family and the environment. Specialist Cleaners customers take comfort in the hoarding cleanup service and appreciate the new health and safety aspect of the restored home.

Discreet Cleanup Services for Hoarders

When undertaking a hoarding clean up service it is important to note that it does not include throwing out all your belongings.

Specialist Cleaners offer a full hoarding support process:-

  • the individual is provided ample time to consider the important items that matter to them the most, and not to be thrown out.
  • our compassionate hoarding clean up service specialists will ensure that everything is placed back in order while keeping the items that have been identified by the individual as important items.
  • our local hoarding cleanup specialists concentrate on maintaining a non-judgmental attitude that is extremely flexible and supportive. They have been training to relieve any anxiety that may develop during the hoarding cleanup process, organisation, sorting and sanitation.

Hoarding Environment Clean Up

Whether there is an excessive collection of newspapers, magazines, paper documentation, food scraps and packaging,  or even animals, we have local cleaning specialists that can help you start fresh, whilst keeping your most treasured and important items. The team at Specialist Cleaners plan to help you find the balance and be happy and safe in your home.

Contact us directly at Specialist Cleaners Cleaning Services and talk to our local, specialised and compassionate team at 0488 069 557, we offer our services all across Tasmania and can be reached any time of the day or night.

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Specialist Cleaners offers professional crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, blood cleaning, and unattended death cleanup to property managers, homeowners, businesses, military/government and housing authorities. Our specialist cleaning services are typically referred by Tasmanian law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and other cleaning companies.

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I just wanted to thank you guys for the sterling effort you put into your work. We really appreciate the effort you put into making houses back into liveable homes, and for being so considerate and respectful towards the clientele......





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