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Health Dangers Of A Methamphetamine Drug Lab Clean Up:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Chemical Poisoning
  • Skin Irritations
  • Excessive Migraines
  • Increased Risk of Explosions and Fires
  • Can Result in Death
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Professional Meth Lab Cleaning Service

Specialists Cleaners specialises in Tasmanian meth lab cleanup and drug house decontamination services.

Their team of meth lab cleanup specialists have the necessary certifications to complete successful remediation services throughout Tasmania & Australia.

Australia has specific laws as to what is required and regulated when completing a drug decontamination service and our trained cleanup specialists have performed many property remediation services that have successfully restored family homes, commercial properties and any other scenario that was previously used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Any location that was previously used as a meth lab must be cleaned and remediated by certified meth lab cleaning professionals.

Methamphetamine Lab Remediation

If you are in need of a certified methamphetamine laboratory cleanup service, the team at Specialist Cleaners can help and can restore your property’s safety, even to a level above specific regulations.

Meth Lab Decontamination Services

We have all seen the disturbing images of what Methamphetamine does to those who are addicted.

Unfortunately, meth doesn’t just affect the addict in question.  It affects all close to them and, the manufacturing  of meth can harm the life of complete strangers.

The dangers of meth remain long after the meth lab ceases production. The toxic fumes of meth contaminate and consume the entire environment, and require professional meth decontamination cleaning services. The results of long-term exposure in an environment that has been used to cook & produce meth have been known to kill pets and have devastating effects on people, both young and old.

Meth Lab Testing

Testing must first be done to determine if there is still a presence of the toxic methamphetamine residue and to assess the level of contamination throughout the location.

From there the results are thoroughly documented and the confirmed level of toxicity relates to the levle of the meth remediation process going forward.

Sometimes there are visible signs such as burns, noticeable odours and stains. In other scenarios there is nothing noticeable, other than documentation or odd health concerns which have been triggered from the condition of the environment.

Just because you can’t smell or see the dangers, it doesn’t mean they aren’t present.

Contact Specialists Cleaners for successful property remediation for any location that has experienced contact with meth manufacturing.

Tasmanian Meth Lab Cleanup Services

Specialists Cleaners don’t announce themselves as the ‘Meth Lab Cleaning Squad’ or attract unnecessary attention from neighbours or passers by.

Instead, they do what they can to keep your business private.

For long-term full environmental restoration on drug houses,  meth laboratories, and any other property within Tasmania that has been contaminated by toxic drug related residue contact Specialists Cleaners at 0438 331 030, 24/7/365.

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Specialist Cleaners offers professional crime scene cleanup, trauma cleanup, blood cleaning, and unattended death cleanup to property managers, homeowners, businesses, military/government and housing authorities. Our specialist cleaning services are typically referred by Tasmanian law enforcement, first responders, funeral homes and other cleaning companies.

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